RETINEO's maxim is to provide the most apt solutions for the needs of its customers and keep in constant touch with them to meet this objective.

We base our thinking on the need for change in the models that currently dominate the construction sector. At RETINEO we fuse cutting-edge technology with tradition. We intervene at all stages of the process of studying, regenerating, building and conserving an existing element, whether it be a civil project, a work of art or a unique, brand new building.

We analyze all boundary conditions, be they geotechnical and structural, archaeological, pathological, historical or changes in legislation or uses so that, when we come to act, we are completely certain of what we are doing.

Our philosophy is “Studying best to act the least”

RETINEO's team is made up of top professionals: Civil engineers, architects, industrial engineers, architectural technician, and civil engineering architectural technician, all with a wealth of experience in the fields of structural engineering, restoration and rehabilitation of unique sites.  
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